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4248electrical problems

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  • william ripley
    Mar 13, 2006
      hey there guy's

      i have some electrical ghosts. had a problem with the
      electrical system where there seemed to be a short.
      all kinds of weirrd things. replaced the fuses box and
      it went away for about a month. it's back.

      here are the symptoms. starts when i out the brake on.
      the radio cuts out for a second and then comes back
      on.this soemtimes doesnt happen when i first start the
      car. but will happen after it has warmed up a bit (
      took longer in the winter ) . on the whole the whole
      wipers seem slower, the cutting out of the radio and
      whole thing gets worse with added stress like the
      cruise controll on. also seems worse in the wet
      weather. after a while the radio will cut out when i
      hit a bupm or serries of them ansd if it cuts out
      entirely this is when i know that the batteryi s not
      charging and the system is running stricctly off the
      battery for as long as it can. if i let the car sit
      for a while the system seems to get back up and
      running , but for jow long i can't predict.

      1. radio cuts out for a second when i hit the brake
      2. after this, less juice going to wipers ect
      3. happens after the car has warmed up
      4. when radio cuts out completely the battery is not
      getting charged.
      5. just looking the aletrnator is fairly new and
      wiring looks ok ( no major cracks or worn )

      any info on what to check wouldd be a great help as i
      hate the lets justn start replacing stuff and see what

      my only thought was relay's in the fuse box. the other
      ( that i don't know ) is if there is a current
      regulator or something. mn have some head fot this
      stuff but still am a bit green

      thanks for any help you can give me


      Bill Ripley


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