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4252parts from my 520i

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  • suitable_id
    Mar 14, 2006
      Hi All, Long time member, silent poster here! Unfortunately, my
      current e28 is not going to pass another test. Its got tinworm in
      quite a bad way, all the usual and then some! But it may help some of
      you other e28 guys with your motors. So if you would like any parts
      from it, then you are quite welcome to come and get them as long as
      you can remove them yourself. Its tatty, but might help someone before
      being disposed of. Crikey, I just spotted an e28 on emmerdale! The
      most desireable part of "the pimpmobile" as my friends call it is the
      Zender front spoiler. Its pretty low an plough-like, and I'm open to
      offers on that. All the rest is freetogoodhome. Its an '83 dolphin
      grey w. bronze glass, currently residing in Shropshire, England.
      E-mail on jonny-bravo@... if you're interested.
      Also, if anyone has a 528i/(m)535i/2002/635/e30 325i or something
      interesting for sale reasonably close, I could be interested...