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4273When posting about parts

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  • Larry R.
    Mar 20, 2006
      Might I please suggest that when you post that you
      have parts or need parts, you provide your location?

      I was in the process of hooking up someone on this
      list with a mint set of tail lights when I discovered
      that shippping to Belgium was well over 300.00 USD!

      Although I am back to full time employment, I do hit
      the yards for parts often. I need to find a new hood
      and fender for my 90 as a tire blew on a semi and took
      them out. So if in the states and need something, let
      me know.

      Between the US and Canada is not bad. UK and the
      North American continent sucks!

      Dallas, TX USA
      Home to as many junkyards full of BMW automobiles you
      ever wanted to see!
      My stable of cars. LOL Daily driver is the 735i.
      Part time service is 90 325is. In process is 87 red
      325is. Maybe 2 more months. Then the red 86 635CSi!

      1985 silver 528e
      1986 red 635CSi
      1986 black 735i
      1987 white 325is
      1987 red 325is
      1990 white 325is

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