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4274Re: What are we driving ?

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  • cnhallblade
    Mar 21, 2006
      Hey All,

      I'm new to this forum and new to BMW's in general. I just bought an '88 535is a week ago.
      I love this car! It is a red 5 speed with 163,000 miles on it and is pretty much all stock
      with the exception of an Alpine cd player. I am expecting a new exhaust system to arrive
      in the mail any day now. I paid $2400 for the car and am spending about $1000 on the

      Getting this car has gottin' me to thinking about how I can make more money to feed into
      the car. It is already a great deal of fun to drive and I can only imagine how replacing
      some parts will add to my enjoyment.

      --- In bmwe28@..., john holst <grafton_56@y...> wrote:
      > Hi People, I've been with this group a about week and would it be interesting that
      members tell us about what they drive ,how long you have had the car etc. etc. what ever
      you would like to mention. I'll get the ball rolling my beemer
      > is a 1982 528i 5 speed manual I bought in 1997 for $4900 australian, it was
      > white then. Since then, it has been repainted a metalic dark green and the engine has
      been over hauled and with the new set of alloy 16" rims and tyres
      > it has come a long way and a joy to drive. regards from JOHN
      > ---------------------------------
      > On Yahoo!7
      > 'Lost': A chance to win a Rav 4 and an exotic holiday for 20! Yes, 20!
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