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4299Re: TRX tires in the US

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  • Devon
    Mar 29, 2006
      --- In bmwe28@..., "Larry R." <dallas_larry@y...>
      > I'm down here in Dallas, TX and although I do not run
      > TRX tires on any of my cars, I once wanted to find out
      > a price.
      > At the local Sears, they were well over 200 per tire.
      > BUT. The clerk looked and found a clearance on TRX
      > tires. At the time of his search, they were on sale
      > for about 100 each. Which is a dang sight better than
      > 200+.
      > he told me I'd have to order them pre-paid but then I
      > could get them as a package and installed when they
      > arrived.
      > Apparently there is such a low demand that a lot of
      > stores may have only 1 or 2 sitting around and this is
      > a way for Sears to move product to where needed and
      > free up storage.
      > Might be worth a try. plus if installed at Sears you
      > can get road hazard and lifetime balance which using
      > take off from someone else means no guarantee.
      > Enjoy.
      > Larry in Dallas, TX

      Im about 45 miles away from you in texas,and just moved here about 4
      months ago from CALI.I was wondering if you could tell me some
      places for used parts.I need a couple of door panels and various
      other interior B.S.I have a 83 533i,and havent a clue where to look

      Thanks Man
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