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4338Re: [bmw e28] Fuel preasure regulator

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  • Agent Midnight
    Apr 14, 2006
      Hello all,
      I know this is a bit off topic of any thing that
      is being talked about right now but I am a but excited ;-).
      For the longest time I have been having idle problem to one degree or
      another and a big problem of loosing fuel preasure over night and the car
      having to build up preasure in the morning.
      Well I wasted a lot of time and money of cold start valves, idle controls
      Etc. and even a new fuel pump. Well...the problem seamed to be the fuel
      preasure regulaor valve.
      I hope to save others the time I lost :-).
      If you have any of the problems I did and you have an ORIGINAL fuel
      regulator (you can tell because 1.) its not painted shiny black and 2.) the
      end of the part number is lower then the new ones) REPLACE it they are
      fairly cheap for a brand new one and 8 year old kid could install it them
      selfs. If works with springs and a other parts that can fail ove the years
      so if its original what mess with keepings it. Heck the new ones look a lot
      nicer if you keep your engine really clean.
      If you install one I have a few hints 1.) when removing make sure you have
      all the hoses from it removed 2.) when unbolted ;-) move it side to side
      while pulling up HARD 2.) when reinstalling use a good amount of fuel all
      over the O-ring to lubricate it or you will be there all night trying to get
      it on the fuel rail(GRIN).
      Best of luck,
      -Dana Sion
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