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4339Re: [bmw e28] Fuel preasure regulator

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  • greg_collen
    Apr 14, 2006
      I replace mine because of irregular idle. Frankly, I was guessing and
      the part was fairly cheap. It solved the problem right away. I was

      --- In bmwe28@..., "Agent Midnight"
      <agentmidnight@v...> wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > I know this is a bit off topic of any thing that
      > is being talked about right now but I am a but excited ;-).
      > For the longest time I have been having idle problem to one degree
      > another and a big problem of loosing fuel preasure over night and
      the car
      > having to build up preasure in the morning.
      > Well I wasted a lot of time and money of cold start valves, idle
      > Etc. and even a new fuel pump. Well...the problem seamed to be the
      > preasure regulaor valve.
      > I hope to save others the time I lost :-).
      > If you have any of the problems I did and you have an ORIGINAL fuel
      > regulator (you can tell because 1.) its not painted shiny black and
      2.) the
      > end of the part number is lower then the new ones) REPLACE it they
      > fairly cheap for a brand new one and 8 year old kid could install
      it them
      > selfs. If works with springs and a other parts that can fail ove
      the years
      > so if its original what mess with keepings it. Heck the new ones
      look a lot
      > nicer if you keep your engine really clean.
      > If you install one I have a few hints 1.) when removing make sure
      you have
      > all the hoses from it removed 2.) when unbolted ;-) move it side to
      > while pulling up HARD 2.) when reinstalling use a good amount of
      fuel all
      > over the O-ring to lubricate it or you will be there all night
      trying to get
      > it on the fuel rail(GRIN).
      > Best of luck,
      > -Dana Sion
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