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4343Re: [bmw e28] hard brake pedal w/engaged brakes

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  • daipress@btinternet.com
    Apr 16, 2006
      Dear Sam,
      If your car is a right hand drive one, this is a common problem.
      There are transverse rods linking the pedal box with the master
      cylinder, which is still on the left hand side of the car (ie the car
      being designed to have it's pedals on the other side). They run
      across the middle of the front bulkhead, under the windscreen. The
      linkages for these rods seize up, making all the brakes bind. It's
      often mistaken for a master cylinder problem, which, if your car is
      left hand drive, it most probably would be.. The answer very often is
      to spray soak these linkages in WD40 or some other penetrating oil,
      or better still dismantle the mechanisms and re-grease the whole
      thing. Low mileage cars that stand around a lot tend to suffer much
      more than well used ones.
      On 17 Apr 2006, at 06:54, Samuel Cochran wrote:

      > Hello all,
      > My '88 535is has a braking problem when in heavy stop and go
      > traffic (the
      > worst time for it). The brake pedal will get really hard about an
      > inch or so
      > into braking, the pedal will then only engage from that position
      > down. Also,
      > when this happens the brakes themselves are engaged after I have stop
      > putting pressure on the pedal. At first, they aren't that engaged
      > but as
      > they stay engaged they really heat up and then engage even more.
      > To the
      > point that I can barely get over 20mph... (when this started to
      > happen, I
      > was in a traffic filled tunnel, and had to get out before I could
      > pull over
      > )
      > I am having my mechanic take a look at it, as I don't have the time to
      > tinker at the moment.
      > Has anyone else had a similar problem? If so, what was the
      > culprit? It
      > would help to have a starting point, if this is a common problem.
      > Thank you for what help you can give,
      > Sam C.
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