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4347sagging rear and tired seats

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  • deshan waring
    Apr 18, 2006
      I own a 1987 528e and the rear is sagging to the point where I can't carry passengers in back seat without scraping speed bumps (or traffic calming devices as they're now called here).

      Since these parts need replacement anyway, what better time for upgrades!!? I'd like to improve my cornering and reduce body lean. Car seems all original I've added a K&N cone filter and upgraded tires to Yokahoma H4S's 195/65HR (wow!! what a drastic improvement that was!!)

      Also leather seats now horribly cracked everywhere and drivers seat frame is broken to the point where I now am leaning back and over towards gearshift (for maximum leverage!!) seats are the electric adjustable sofas (they need replacement too).

      Any suggestions will be helpful.

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