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4362Rich running, surging and brake pedal oddity

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  • markyboy2105112
    Apr 26, 2006
      Hi all. I have a 528i (UK) which I have just recently bought and
      wonder if anyone has had similar trouble. Firstly, the car is running
      rich (hoping to get it tuned in the next week or so) but also surges
      when I release the throttle a bit (ie start to decelarate). I also
      have the pressure warning light comes on when I press the brake pedal,
      but it goes off after I've pressed the pedal about an inch and I start
      braking. Just had new disks & pads all round in the hope of curing it
      (although they were all pretty warn). If anyone has any suggestions
      as to what the causes and/or cures, I'd be grateful.

      Many thanks.

      Mark Dolan
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