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  • rabalagot
    Apr 28, 2006
      hey guys.. it's late at night and i'm hoping for a quick response to
      my problem. I just went out to get some food and stop over for some
      gas and the only gas they had at SUNOCO was ULTRA 93. I usually put
      premium, so being stupid, I went along with it putting about 8-9
      gallons of gas in my car. I attempted to start it and it would crank
      but not start. The car was working fine before putting gas so i
      believe it's the gas that i have a problem with. Thus, i'm going to
      attempt to sipher the gas out to replace it with the gas i normally
      put in. Can you please let me know if there is more to this. I'm
      hoping there is not, i'm going to attempt to drain the all the gas out
      and put the gas i normally use. Please let me know if there may be
      more factors to this. Thanks and i extremely appreciate it.