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  • David Field
    Apr 29, 2006
      Hi everyone, I have an absolutely original April 1982 520iA. 125000 miles. I am the 4th owner and I have full service history.Car is ex UK. Silver with bronze tint windows. Factory mags. Electric windows. Full adjust front seats. Full adjust steering column.Rev counter but no vac gauge (econometer). Blue Houndstooth cloth seats.No sunroof.Early version of climate control ( no air con.) Presently smokes a bit when starting from cold - worn out valve stem seals - next project. By the way this can be done without removing the head - if anybody has the same problem, don't believe your BMW dealer when they say we have to take the head off for NZ$1000 then we'll start from there!! I have had the car for approx 3 years. Paid NZ$1500 for it - the previous owner had died and the car had been parked up for around 12 months.I also got a NZ new sept 82 520iA in the price for parts.Not a runner-minor collision at front. However interesting spec. Dark blue with the same seats as mine,
      except no lumbar support or full recline.Wind up windows. Standard heater. Manual sunroof. Vac Gauge at bottom of rev counter.Steel wheels with different size tyres to mine.Blue tint windows. Original BMW windscreen-my local glass man tells me these are slightly thicker than aftermarket replacements.Regards, Dave.
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