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4420Re: [bmw e28] LUGS BOLT TORQUE please read and help, fellow bimmerhead in dire need

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  • Joel T. Gonzalez
    May 19, 2006
      Keep it simple and look at this way. You want to have enough torque on your rims that it holds onto the flange. Too much torque at 100 ft.lb. and you are going to get yourself in a bind when you want to take off that rim later on in an emergency. Too little, I would say at around 50 ft.lb. and sooner or later something is going to start backing up that either you end up in a wreck or messing up something else mechanically on your vehicle.
      Regardless of the car that you may have, I think it is very safe to say at 75lbs. It is not too much and not too little but just right. If it were a truck then we would be dealing with different values but for a car just keep it simple to avoid the usage of foul language when you are trying to take that lug nut that has been on for awhile and at that, at 100 ft. lbs, that is too much and uncalled for!

      Best regards,

      Joel T. Gonzalez
      San Antonio, TX.

      Brett Peavey <pv9@...> wrote:
      Now Tires Plus is telling me that the type of rim I
      bought requires a 100lbs torque on the lugs. Not the
      BMW required 75lbs. Do 18" rims require more torque
      on the lug bolts than the stock 14"s? Also, he said
      that the extra 25 lbs is not significant enough to do
      any damage. Is this man lying to me?

      Brett Peavey
      Microwave Component Sources
      Ph. 904.721.3711
      Fax. 904-721-3714
      Cell. 904.210.6573

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