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4448Dinan Chip Installation "87 528e

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  • deshan waring
    May 28, 2006
      Does anyone know the procedure for installing a Dinan chip in ecu?
      My vehicle is 1987 528e (mfg 10/86).. I was told that this is a snap in plug and play process, but maybe because my car was mfg'd Oct.86 it may actually have 1986 installation process.

      After removing ecu from car it has a smal screw at each corner on both sides (top and bottom). After removing these screws the backside of the computer board is visible (from either side) and where the chip "must go" is still contained within the steel case and hidden from view. The board looks as if it "must" swing open, but since it's snug and I've never done this before, I didn't force it. I followed the safe process (put it back together and ask someone who knows!!! (you guys).

      So if anyone has encountered this stumbling block, I'd appreciate any assistance you offer..
      Thank you,

      (oo=00=oo) DeShan I Waring, Sr

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