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4450Reference & speed sensor testing...(help)

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  • purplehead2002
    Jun 4, 2006
      Hi to all members,

      According to the testing information that I have received for
      these sensors I have the following. The harness on the sensor side
      has three wires, a yellow, black, and blue.
      The YELLOW/BLACK wires on the sensor side are to have anywhere
      from 860-1,060 ohms. The BLUE/YELLOW and too again, the BLUE/BLACK
      wires should be testing out at 100,000 ohms.
      When I probe the BLUE/YELLOW and BLUE/BLACK, I get nothing
      however to clarify, these sensors were working before with 0 ohms.
      The only time that I will get maybe close to the 100,000 ohms is when
      I am probing and I am also touching too with my hands on the exposed
      wire ends but I do not think that that is part of the testing.
      Could these sensors possibly be failing gradually as I am having
      great difficulty in turning over the engine only after around close
      to 30 seconds when it then starts? Who out there has tested these
      sensors and am I testing them correctly, please?


      Joel T. Gonzalez
      San Antonio, TX.
      (83) 528e