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4451525E (528E) Engine harness.

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  • atmimp
    Jun 8, 2006
      Hi guys, hope you and your cars are running well.

      I'm planning on doing an engine swap in my '86 520iA and i need to
      know how many pins (terminals) there are on the engine wiring harness
      that plugs into the left hand side of the fuse box.
      Mine only has 10, i recon that the 2.7's come with either 12 or 15

      Could someone possibly have a look at their's for me?
      It would be very much appreciated.

      I've got plans of fitting a 325i engine to mine, but my fuse box
      doesn't have enough pins for the controlling of the distributor.
      I recon that as the 'E' models have the same distributor setup as an
      E30 325i, if i fit a fuse box off a 525E i might be able to pull it

      Thanks all.
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