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4464Re: [bmw e28] Hello just a quick question from a yank in tennessee

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  • tony maddison
    Jun 13, 2006
      Hi Terry,
      It sounds to me like you've done what a friend of mine did to my 5er when i let him refit the starter while i refitted my inlet manifold!

      If you look at your starter straight on, you will see 2 big wires with nuts atatching them to the starter and 1 small wire with a lucar (spade) conecter on it, this is the 'switch' from the igition. This wire DOSE NOT want to be on the top turmial on the starter, that is a spare earth tearmial thats not used on most models. There's another terminal 'under' the 2 thicker wires. You might not be abul to see it,but it is there.

      It tuck me 3 days to find this out on mine! Hope it works for you.



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