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4492Re: Overheating issues

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  • bimmernutjob
    Jun 19, 2006
      Probably RED in color, eh Larry ? Most, if not all new cars ( lincoln town cars ) use the red
      stuff, correct ??

      So here's the dilema, can I just flush the greenie stuff, and pray ??

      regards, otto

      --- In bmwe28@..., "Larry R." <dallas_larry@y...> wrote:
      > BMW radiator fluid does not contain phosphates.
      > The cheap green stuff that most folks buy to use for
      > their cars does.
      > If a BMW has had cheap fluid in it for a period of
      > time, the radiator and heater core may be corroded and
      > crap.
      > Non Phosphate fluid must be put in and changed every
      > two years to keep that radiator/heater core clean and
      > not allow the vanes inside to close down.
      > One of the majolr reasons I see so many dead BMW autos
      > here in the Dallas, TX yards is from burning up an
      > engine from overheating.
      > GM formula is now phosphate free also for this same
      > reason. GM ended up paying way too much for colling
      > system repairs so they now require owners to use GM
      > Dextron fuild only.
      > Larry
      > Dallas, TX where is is HOT.
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