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4493Re: [bmw e28] Re: 533i Overheating problems

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  • Ed MacVaugh
    Jun 19, 2006

      I don't see why the "solution" of a different temperature thermostat
      keeps showing up as an alternative.

      All that thermostat does is determine at what coolant temperature water
      begins flowing through the radiator.

      On hot days, any working thermostat will open shortly after start-up and
      remain open until long after shutdown, without regard to its rating.

      Find another place to spend your money, unless yours is stuck partially
      or fully closed, leave it be.


      bimmernutjob wrote:

      I plan to install either the 71, or 75 degree
      > thermostat...it's a fix until the real
      > culprit is revealed.
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