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4496Re: [bmw e28] 533i Overheating problems

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  • bimmernutjob
    Jun 21, 2006
      It seems the viscous coupler may not be so obvoius to diagnos, eh ?

      Turning fan by hand, drag feels proper...and it cranks alot of air when idiling...but i
      suppose if it were slipping, that might be hard to determine. Ok time to examine clucth
      fan, temp coupling, and THEN focus on radiator. I'll keep you chaps posted.

      regards, otto

      --- In bmwe28@..., "calmloki" <calmloki@m...> wrote:
      > --- In bmwe28@..., harvey kay <bmxbandit78@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > It's the viscous coupler, i reckon. Not too expensive
      > > to replace and fairly easy if you want to do it
      > > yourself. I had same symptoms myself. Good luck
      > I concur. Also known as the fan clutch - in my experience it fails by
      > NOT engaging when hot. Common common failure resulting in overheating
      > at slow speeds. May also be a combination problem with a failure of
      > the electric aux. fan to come on at higher engine temps.
      > Tom
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