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  • rabalagot
    Jul 5, 2006
      Hi guys i had a question for all.
      I recently broke the clip of the bilstein shock that i have on my
      right rear side. apparently i've been having trouble with these types
      of shocks. I currently have lowered sport vogtland springs and TOURING
      bilstein struts and shocks. I found out lowering your car especially
      in NY is a major risk factor. I already cracked my oil pan and had it
      replaced, now it's my rear right shock. I am buying the bilstein
      sport shocks but, i was wondering will my car still be stiffer and
      good on turns and corners if i put my original springs along with the
      bilstein sport shocks? I would keep the sport SPRINGS on but, driving
      in the city kind of sucks with all those potholes and bumps. Will it
      lessen my hard cornering performance?. Please let me know. I'm still
      waiting on the shocks to come so I have time and advice to decide on
      what I should do. Basically, I don't want to lose my turning
      stiffness nor, crack another oil pan. What do you think? Thanks much
      for your help.