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4556Electrical issues

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  • Scott Roberts
    Jul 6, 2006
      Hi guys,


      Turn signals and wipers both quit working at the same time.
      When I use either one of the above mentioned controls, the diagnostic
      lights (panel above rear view mirror that tells you low oil, bulbs
      out, low coolant etc.) light up randomly, as well as the yellow
      flashing warning light on the dash. These lights will then not reset
      with the button on the upper panel. Repeated use of the Turn or Wiper
      switches causes different lights to go off/on each time. Kind of a
      neat light show, but....
      Here's what I've found so far.
      -Turn signal relay still works, as hazard flashers still work.
      -fuses not blown and still power to the respective circuits at the
      fuse box
      -After tearing steering column apart and following the bentley manual
      instructions, both turn signal and wiper switches/levers test ok (for
      -Switching between low beam and high beam still works on turn signal
      lever, as does the "flash to pass" switch.

      Anybody have any ideas?
      Scott Roberts
      82 528e