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4562RE: [bmw e28] SPRINGS AND SHOCKS

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  • doug dykaar
    Jul 7, 2006
      My Panzer mechanic dropped the front subframe (while supporting the motor
      with a BMW special tool) and took off the pan. While the pan was off, the
      crack was welded. We also replaced a cracked motor mount at the same time.

      "mixing" springs changes the handling. Most cars are designed to understeer
      at the limit and the e28 is no exception. The challenge in setup is to
      design in understeer when so much of the mass is up front. To try and get
      the rear to stick it appears they made the rear springs as soft as they
      dared. With the shorter H&R springs, the rears are progressive and even with
      just kids in the back, the rear bottoms out out over bumps. The caveat is
      that I just replaced the second front Bilstein sport strut under warranty,
      so maybe I need to look at the rear shocks next. I just replaced the rear
      subframe bushings with polyurethaned stock ones, and I was hoping that would
      stop the banging but it didn't. The H&R rears are progressive and the where
      the coils are narrower gauge, they touch each other on the car. Thats very
      different than the porsche "cup" race springs on my 944 turbo, that don't
      touch at all. You could probably contact the spring manufacturer and ask
      what the stock vs your spring rate is. As I recall the rear drop was about
      3/4". I gave away my stock rears so I can't compare.



      Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 06:33:47 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Allan Balagot <>

      the touring shocks only had one perch. It's funny because I took a clip from
      the old bilstein shock that i had and it still broke down after i replaced
      it on the way home. 100 bucks down the drain all for nothing. Is it smart
      to mix springs? say, for my front use the lowered sport springs and for the
      rear my original stock springs?. or It is possible to use the new bilstein
      sport shocks I have with my stock springs? another thing is what did you
      mean by welding your oil pan up?
      thanks for your input

      doug dykaar <ddykaar@...> wrote: Check the shock height. They may
      be shorter. I seem to recall the Bilstein
      sport setup is. I had my oil pan welded up once too. The rear shocks have
      several perches, and I believe mine are on the top perch. The clip is
      replaceable. I've seen them fail at the track. Probably a good idea to keep
      a spare. ping the list if you find some cheap.

      I have the H&R spring set and the rear is very soft and I can still break
      the end loose in tight corners under power. Guess that's why its called
      "driving" and not steering.
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