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  • rabalagot
    Jul 14, 2006
      Hello All,
      I wanted to know everyones opinion about this situation i'm in.
      I currently bought bilstein sport shocks for my e28 535is. I have
      vogtland lowered sport springs. Apparently, i've been pouring money on
      my car with it's suspension. I initially bought these vogtland
      springs with (i didn't know about at the time) touring springs. It all
      came as a set. Then i had problems with my rear shocks. The clip on
      the bilstein shocks have broke down on left side and (a few months
      later) the right. So now i want to replace all around with bilstein
      sport shocks. Although, since i live around the city with potholes
      left and right, I was thinking about raise my car back up since i'm
      going to be doing this repair.

      I was thinking if it was possible to use the sports shocks with the
      original stock springs? Is that possible? I still want some what of a
      stable car ride especially on turns and curves. Please let me know if
      this is possible before I do anything. As much input is appreciated.
      Thanks all!
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