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  • mileshartwell
    Jul 18, 2006
      Hello Everyone,

      I have joined your group as the newly proud owner of a LHD 1986 524tdi
      which I am intending to use for travels on the continent. The car has
      done 240,000km (150,000m) and besides the drivers seat being a bit
      wonky seems in great condition for it's age.

      This model was not sold in this country, which proved to be a bugger
      when trying to get insurance, so I doubt if it is going to be a
      popular model within your group. Nevertheless I was hoping to find
      amongst you, someone whom might have some experience of it and be able
      to give advice on preparing the car, common faults, how to fix the
      seat etc etc...

      I eagerly await a response!

      Regards to all,