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4614RE: [bmw e28] AC charge

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  • M Zulfikar Karim
    Jul 18, 2006
      hello, rabalagot,
      I currently live in Indonesia, and own the 1984 520i e28
      about 5 years.I have the same problem of it about a years ago.
      My 520i e28 '84 air conditioner was very bad in
      condition and so does the engine. so I started not to use it.
      About a month ago, I've met this mechanic and
      he's really done great with my car and fixed
      everything. When it came to the AC, my mechanic
      said that he did a full pressure on AC Compressor
      to find the leak using his tools (I don't know what it is,
      but I see what he's doing to my car), and after that
      he checked on hose and the compressor to see
      whether the hose and compressor is in good condition or not.
      After several running check, he found out that the
      compressor is need to be fixed - changing
      compressor seal and valve with new one; after that,
      voila, great cold in my car :) it all cost me about
      Rp300K (about US$30) for the AC, and totally
      Rp5650K (about US$570) for all the repair (incl. engine overhoul)



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      On Tuesday 18 July 2006 1:12 PM, rabalagot wrote:
      > is it possible to get my ac charged up. I've been
      living without AC
      > for 7 years and because there is an unknown leak
      according to my long
      > time mechanic.

      AC leaks _can_ be very costly to track down. A
      reliable, trustworthy, honest mechanic might be at it
      all day testing. A number of parts might need to be
      replaced, including rotted tubing, punctured cores,
      and a bad compressor. If you're not certain that you
      could quickly and easily find the leak, then it should
      be done at a proper facility. If you definitely can
      plug or repair the leak, then you can buy a recharge
      kit and do it yourself, cheap.


      84 E28 528e sapphire blue (no AC)
      84 E28 528e rusty brown (pushing up daisies)
      88 E30 M3 diamond black (no AC and damned hot)

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