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4629Re: clutch slave rebuild

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  • doug dykaar
    Jul 28, 2006

      I used cheap DOT 4 fluid. This aint no track weapon. You can't mix 4 and 5
      (silicone). The pedal was pulled up w/ a bungee cord and the slave was
      removed from the engine to allow both a slightly longer extension of the
      piston as well as orienting the bleed valve at the highest point of the
      assembly. It was great for a while, but appears to be sucking air over time.

      When I had the master out, it was because I broke off the plastic nipple
      where the supply hose is attached (cheap part even at the stealership)
      trying to get the rotted hose off. I can't recall now if I did anything
      special when I reinstalled. I'm pretty sure I added fluid after it was back
      on the car. I must've past more than a gallon of brake fluid through there
      by now...


      From: John Forbey <jforbey@...>
      Subject: Re: <e28> clutch slave rebuild

      Same thing happened to me when I rebuilt(cold/warm
      operation and travel at bottom of pedal. Wear works
      like the weakest link in a chain and you said the
      clutch was replaced...I wonder if using dot 5 brake
      fluid like the kind that comes in the big square can
      would treat it differently? I forget who produces ATE
      prob. Did you bleed it on the car? At first you have
      to pick the pedal up but it gets better as it fills w/
      Good Luck,
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