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4645Re: [bmw e28] brake accumulator

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  • Gil Thereault
    Aug 19, 2006
      In regards to the brake light located on the upper console by the sunroof switch, mine stays on all of 99.9% of the time even after pressing the button. That is possibly a electrical glitch that I have heard many others experiencing the same. Additional, If your brake pedal feels a little funny and the red brake light (on the odometer console) briefly goes on a brief moment then goes out, it is very likely in need of a brake accumulator. This is a easy fix that you can do at home, I have replaced mine twice in six years. This give you the some brief braking time left in the event the your engine cuts out on you. With the accumulator working properly you will get a little buffer, 5-6 pumps left before having no assistance. There is learning curve doing the project the first time then you can do the second replacement in half the time after that. Bleed the brakes lines after.

      Good luck
      86 535i 191k

      Tom <tomgeddes@...> wrote:
      Hi from New Zealand,
      love my '86 535i but am so rubbish with the most basic tech stuff.
      the wheels i have on at the moment are 15's i think. the tires are
      225,60,r15. just wondering what wheel/tire combos are good for e28's
      without having to modify. any advice greatly appreciated.
      also my tail lights are fine but the brake light warning LED is always
      popping up. is this common or is my car about to plow into a ditch.
      Cheers in advance

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