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4658RE: [bmw e28] would these fit my e28?

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  • doug dykaar
    Aug 28, 2006

      Whats the wheel width? For a 205 tire, I'd guess its a 7. The 7x16" wheel I
      have has a 20mm offset. That means you'll need 38-20=18mm of spacer, or
      about 3/4". That means longer (much) lugs in addition to the Al spacer.

      I run about that on my 944 turbo. A bigger spacer is actually better as it
      allows you to get the hubcentric rings machined on both sides to center the

      The huge difference in offset is due to the ABS. Even though our cars have
      it, it was designed to maintain the "low" offset on non ABS cars. Later abs
      cars moved to a higher offset. The Porsche 944s added ~1" to the ABS cars.


      doug (YMMV)

      16" BBS Mags with BMW centre caps

      Stud pattern - 5x120

      Offset - ET 38

      Mags have slight deep dish.

      Tyres are GT Radial Champiro 205/55 R16,

      These came off an e36 so will fit any 3 series BMW.