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  • jonnywarlow
    Aug 29, 2006
      ive got a 1986, e28 M535i. so far not had any serious problems and is
      running really sweet apart from the exhaust. the re-con is going
      really well to date.

      not had to much trouble getting parts so far but suddenly hit a wall
      getting parts for my exhaust.

      the 2 back boxes are now far from repair and starting to get desperate
      to replace them.

      the problem i have is the cost that im being charged, cheapest £235
      for the 2 bits fitted. im convinced that i can get hold of the parts
      and fit them myself but can't track them down as yet. ive tried the
      obvious, euro car parts and gsf but they can't get them. the exhaust
      centres can but i don't know where they're getting them as im not
      going to get ripped off.

      any help would be much aprechiated.

      as soon as i get some decent pics i'll post them on here.