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4683'88 528e detonation

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  • mort_batchelder
    Aug 31, 2006
      Hi, I have a 1988 528e which I have installed an "i" camshaft and
      valve springs in along with a computer out of a newer 525i. During
      the colder months it ran great but this summer it has had some
      detonation issues (spark knock whatever you want to call it) that
      starts at about 3000 rpms. Even with 92/93 octane fuel it will do
      it but that does help some.

      I am looking for some opinions on what you think might be causing
      it. I am thinking along the lines of a lean condition. The
      injectors are stock 528e so they may be unable to deliver the fuel
      necessary for higher rpm operation with the "i" cam. Along with the
      cam etc. I have installed new plugs and ignition components so they
      should be ok.

      If anyone has some ideas I would appreciate it. The rear-end just
      went south on me so I am getting a 5-speed conversion done along
      with 3.25 gearing so that should pep it up quite a bit. I want it
      to be able to rev freely at that point!

      1988 528e super eta w/ 186,000 mi
      Auto - soon to be 5-speed
      Bilstiens, H&R springs, M5-spec sway bars
      "i" cam and head
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