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4691Re: [bmw e28] '88 528e detonation

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  • John Forbey
    Aug 31, 2006
      I thought it was higher octane fuel that was quicker
      to burn or detonate.

      --- mort_batchelder <mort_batchelder@...> wrote:

      > Hi, I have a 1988 528e which I have installed an "i"
      > camshaft and
      > valve springs in along with a computer out of a
      > newer 525i. During
      > the colder months it ran great but this summer it
      > has had some
      > detonation issues (spark knock whatever you want to
      > call it) that
      > starts at about 3000 rpms. Even with 92/93 octane
      > fuel it will do
      > it but that does help some.
      > I am looking for some opinions on what you think
      > might be causing
      > it. I am thinking along the lines of a lean
      > condition. The
      > injectors are stock 528e so they may be unable to
      > deliver the fuel
      > necessary for higher rpm operation with the "i" cam.
      > Along with the
      > cam etc. I have installed new plugs and ignition
      > components so they
      > should be ok.
      > If anyone has some ideas I would appreciate it. The
      > rear-end just
      > went south on me so I am getting a 5-speed
      > conversion done along
      > with 3.25 gearing so that should pep it up quite a
      > bit. I want it
      > to be able to rev freely at that point!
      > Mort
      > 1988 528e super eta w/ 186,000 mi
      > Auto - soon to be 5-speed
      > Bilstiens, H&R springs, M5-spec sway bars
      > "i" cam and head

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