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4703fuse keeps blowing

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  • Allan Balagot
    Sep 15, 2006
      Hi guys,
      i recently have a problem with a fuse. I know it isn't grounded i've used more than 20 fuses and they all blew after a sec of trying to put it in. I have a 535is and this fuse is attached to the following components:
      -door locks
      -interior lights
      -trunk light
      -computer display (even though it's displayed on another fuse which is fine)
      -the tachometer
      -hazard lights

      It's really unbecoming. I brought the car to my mechanic because I heard a funny noise and I had cracked the bolt on a control arm so he replaced it. soo after i tried to get it back he discovered that the fuse is grounded somewhere and does not know where it may be. He's a trust worthy guy so I know he didn't do anything beside what had to be repaired, but it's weird how it's messed up. any clues? please share. Thanks

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