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4718Re: [bmw e28] Key snapped inside door keyhole!

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  • Joel T. Gonzalez
    Sep 21, 2006
      Can you use a small modified Allen wrench where you can hook on to the broken piece stuck inside? Modified in the sense of grinding away the end on the Allen wrench but not all where you still have an "L" shape but no longer as exaggerated at the small end. This might work but you need to figure out which is the smallest Allen wrench you can fit into that hole.


      Joel T. Gonzalez

      Angel Rodriguez <hm_racing_pr@...> wrote:
      Yesterday, while opening my 88 E28, I apparently turned the key before
      sticking it in completely and the key snapped inside. Luckyly, I had
      a spare... inside the glove compartment!!

      After thinking about it, the solution was simple. I pushed the piece
      of the key into the cylinder with the house keys and turned it and
      Voila! The car opened.

      Now I have a problem, how do I remove the broken piece now? The car
      can now be opened by almost any flathead screwdriver and almost any key!!!

      I guess the whole lock cylinder has to come out from inside the door,
      right? Anyone everhad this problem?

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