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4719Re: [bmw e28] Key snapped inside door keyhole!

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  • Angel Rodriguez
    Sep 22, 2006
      Thanks everyone for the sugestions!

      Problem is that the key piece is COMPLETELY inside... the metal flap
      is closed and everything!

      And BTW I live and work on a low crime area so no worries there! You
      cant see the piece, eveything looks normal on the outside.

      This weekend I will take a look inside the door.

      --- In bmwe28@..., "Joel T. Gonzalez"
      <purplehead2002@y...> wrote:
      > Can you use a small modified Allen wrench where you can hook on
      to the broken piece stuck inside? Modified in the sense of grinding
      away the end on the Allen wrench but not all where you still have an
      "L" shape but no longer as exaggerated at the small end. This might
      work but you need to figure out which is the smallest Allen wrench you
      can fit into that hole.
      > Sincerely,
      > Joel T.
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