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47241987 535is engine mod possibilities?

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  • mattntp
    Sep 24, 2006
      I am getting rid of my 94 e34 530i and am into a 87 535is for next to
      nothing. Runs great good compression, shifts well, mechanicallly
      sound, had LSD. I put a water pump on this car at my shop and the
      customer never came back to get it and we just got the title from our
      mechanics lein. Great for me, not so great for her. more to the point
      is the engine, I havnt checked but am pretty sure this has the low
      compression engine and was wondering what my options were for mods. I
      do not want to get into the bottom end, but am curious about either a
      cyl. head swap or cam swap(have read that e34 535 cam will work in
      this head) any links or info would be appreciated.

      Bosch service tech
      Indianapolis, IN