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4733head bolts loose/oil and coolant leak?

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  • doug dykaar
    Oct 12, 2006
      OK, the weeping appears to be coming from the head/block at the back and on
      the intake side, where its been invisible. I changed the heater hoses there
      (and moved them off the block), so now I can see where its weeping from.

      I thought the head gasket would last forever? What happened to these engines
      doing 300k miles?

      So, do the head bolts back off? Many other bolts on this car have, so I'm
      wondering if it might not be the head gasket. I guess I need to look at the
      plugs to see if they're wet. I could pull the valve cover and re-tourque the
      head bolts (check the valve clearances while I'm in there).

      Anybody loctite the head bolts?


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