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4754Re: Interesting Problem - Smoke coming from air conditioner vents

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  • bimmernutjob
    Oct 19, 2006
      sounds like your blower motor/s are going ... for some reason blower motors just dont last in
      the 80's models bmw's

      --- In bmwe28@..., "Nicholas" <nadavis02@y...> wrote:
      > Good Day!
      > Once and awhile I get smoke coming out of the air conditioner vents.
      > I have a 1985 528e. The smoke is kind of gray and comes from the vents
      > and also from the area under the hood where the blower motor is. Is the
      > blower moter producing this smoke? It doesn't happen always. The fuse
      > for the heater recently blew and I have yet to replace it. Any answers?
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