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4807Re: 87 528e starts 70% of the time

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  • bimmernutjob
    11 Nov 00:08
      YES, it sounds like the "in-tank" or "pre-pump" fuel pump. In my experience with the
      business of waiting an hour, then it starts, usually indicated some type of fuel injection
      problem. I suppose if you are lucky, it's only a clogged fuel pump (?). You can always
      check the connections on the in-tank pump-and it won't cost you a cent- in the boot
      (trunk), under carpet is an access panel-round about 9" in diameter-remove screws-and
      inspect connections-be careful not to damage connections-GOOD LUCK- also if this pump
      needs replacing-do it yourself and save money !!!

      --- In bmwe28@..., "Tery Wood Sr." <thandyman463@...> wrote:
      > --- In bmwe28@..., "ricmullaly" <ricmullaly@> wrote:
      > >Sound like you are going through the same process I did with my 85,
      > Fo me it was a clogged fuel sock in the tank. It ended up blowing the
      > pmp befor I was able to fix the problem. You can check it by going
      > into the trunk open the panel, then taking out the fuel pump assy. the
      > sock will caos about 10 to 20 euros, fuel pump usually over 100
      > > Hi,
      > >
      > > Any ideas? When it won't start, it does turn over so there is juice
      > > to the starter - but it won't catch. Then one hour later it may
      > start
      > > right up -- or not. Has a new battery and connections to battery
      > are
      > > good. I brought it in for a complete tune up thinking it was
      > probably
      > > wires or plugs, but the same thing is still happening. Thanks for
      > any
      > > leads. Rick
      > >
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