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4833RE: [bmw e28] Brakes lockup, siezing with under bonnet heat

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  • Steve Haygood
    21 Nov 18:38
      We have seen the brake master cause this as well

      Steve Haygood
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      Hi John
      Thanks for the reply, I sort of dismissed the calipers as a problem
      area as the car stops like a shot duck when everything is cold - as I
      mentioned I tested it with just idling the car for approx 20 minutes,
      the brakes/calipers were stone cold but the engine bay was hot - and
      the problem reoccurred. This leads me to the fact that some "heat
      sink" effect to a brake component in the engine bay is actuating the
      brakes and locking them on . Maybe a pressure build up in the brake
      hydraulic booster system with no pressure relief possible - something
      is possibly causing the master cylinder to actuate and not return as
      it would normally when you apply the brakes and then take your foot
      off e.g maybe the brake booster is pushing the master cylinder rod in
      under its own power and locking on the brakes. WIIEERRD !! - (stands
      at front of car, chants and holds up wooden cross as he opens the
      bonnet again)


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