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4845rear shock removal?

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  • doug dykaar
    25 Nov 14:03
      So I'm tryin ta remove the car from the rear shock, on account of the
      banging over bumps and I bought new upper mounts, and the bolt on the bottom
      comes out, but the shock is still on the hub good.

      I see from the picture on da web that the bottom bushing has a metal center
      tube that sticks out and goes into the hub. I'm loath to liquid wrench it as
      I want to reuse the bottom bushing.

      Pry bars and banging haven't worked. If I stick a rod (or use the attacment
      bolt), will I be able to wiggle the metal bushing tube out of the hub?



      85 535
      86 951
      94 855 turbo
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