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4860Re: Heater Problems

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  • doug dykaar
    Dec 8, 2006
      If the windings in the solenoid short together then the coil resistance goes
      down. With less resistance, the current goes up. The heat is dissapated as
      IxIxR (IsquaredR), so a little extra resistance at the contacts will make
      them even hotter.

      I've seen big bolts melt in a Big gas laser power supply from a little
      corrosion, and the a magnet coil fail from the above scenario. Just be glad
      the wires melted before the windings caught fire like my laser did... BTDT.

      My heater valve is sticking again after I replaced the solenoid, but I don't
      think I pulled the whole assembly off to clean it when I chaged the guts
      last time. First I have to swap in the correct thrust arm...


      doug PhD (EE) (Piled higher and Deeper)

      85 535
      86 951
      94 855 turbo
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