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  • bimmernutjob
    21 Dec 01:12
      1983 533i

      recently my 533 started leaking oil, which I traced to a broken oil filter seal ( paper filter in
      aluminum filter sleeve ). This is the first car I have owned with this type of filter system, I am
      wondering if I had overtightened it on the last oil change ? (causing the seal to collapse ?)
      Also when I dismanteled the filter sleeve, the oil (flow/preasure ?) valve had come loose. I
      re-installed it the only way it would go back together with the larger washer type fitting into
      the recessed round cut-out , and the smaller valve/spring extension protruding to top of
      filter- can anyone driving an engine with this filter inform of my exploits ? Sound like I
      installed it correct ? An additional concern is that even witht a new seal, there is still a slow
      leak-ugh ! any advice would be appreciated-bimmernutty !!