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4908Re: [bmw e28] Removing e28 alloy wheels?

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  • john holst
    2 Jan 03:11
      Hi Alan, sounds like your in a spot of bother as the poms say...
      one way to get them off with out damaging the rims is to get a length
      of hardwood timber (4x3) Lay one end of it on the rim then strike that with
      a suitable weight hammer, rotate the wheel as you go so to even out the strikes.( use release spray if you can get to hubs) good luck John from Oz.

      Alan Myler - at home <amyler@...> wrote:
      I can't seem to remove the BBS alloy wheels from my '87 e28. I've
      removed the 5 bolts holding on the wheels but there is no give whatsoever,
      they won't budge. I've tried tapping lightly on the rim with a mallet to
      them up, as I know alloys can corrode onto the wheel hub. I've also given
      the tyres few kicks and wollops with a sledge hammer, but no movement.

      Am I missing something?

      Are the wheels held on with some other mechanism? I've had the car for
      2 years and never had to remove a wheel before thankfully.

      Thanks in advance for any advice,

      Alan Myler

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