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4912Re: Removing e28 alloy wheels?

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  • e28vidar
    2 Jan 17:08
      Try to loosen the studs(while the wheels supports the vehicle) and
      drive a few metres and engage either the handbrake(if it's a rear wheel
      which is stuck) or the brake pedal if it's one of the front wheels. Try
      to turn the steering wheel and brake simultaneous, or steer to one side
      and engage the handbrake.

      Just don't loosen the studs too much, maybe 1/2 centimeter or less. And
      don't drive far either. This is the last resort, and should only be
      tested if anything else fails.

      After you have successfully removed the wheel(s), apply copperpaste on
      ALL the surfaces where the rims get in contact with the hub. Be sure to
      avoid getting any copperpaste on the brake discs.

      Good Luck!

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