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4933Sweet new 88!! Suspension upgrades for a stock 528e?

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  • Didj Effects
    Jan 18, 2007
      I just finished a search for an 80's 5-series. Got a beater 528e that hasn't passed smog yet, but is getting 30mpg and idles smooth w/ 140k. That was enough to remind me how fun these cars are so I went looking for something that'd actually been taken care of. Almost bought a 535is in some-parts-really-good/some-parts-iffy condition; then, just as I was thinking I might prefer the mileage and the gearing on the e, I found a single-owner 88 528e that's a freakin' time machine! 145k, super clean tan leather nterior, super straight body w/ original black paint with gel-coat intact! I can't believe my luck! A few tiny dents that'll suck out for $200, a 4-inch split in the drivers seat, a cracked windshield I can swap over to the beater, a power polishing and it'll be cherry. A nice father bought it from the original owner as incentive for his daughter, then gave it new belts, hoses, brakes, clutch, tires, & more. But his 16-yo didn't make the grades, so after sitting
      covered in his driveway for 6 mos he had to make good on his word and sold the car to me for his original purchase price, $3000. It drives like a new car! I feel bad for his daughter, but not that bad!

      Sorry for the long winded post, but I had to share, I'll post pictures soon. Now the question - the only thing I would change is the suspension, so has anyone upgraded the stock suspension on their 528? Bilsteins? Sway bars? Tower braces? What brand, what cost, and what results? I'd really appreciate some reports and suggestions.


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