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4937RE: [bmw e28] ATF pump

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  • Steve Haygood
    18 Jan 20:01
      sales and BMW repair for about 22 years now....

      Steve Haygood
      BMW CCA 6 Series Register Director
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      From: bmwe28@... [mailto:bmwe28@...] On Behalf
      Of John Forbey
      Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2007 10:55 PM
      To: bmwe28@...
      Subject: Re: [bmw e28] ATF pump

      Do you mean the torque converter? Yes that can be
      replaced easily; but it involves separating the engine
      and transmission. Putting it up on blocks in the air
      somehow such that the trans can be undone at the
      output shaft or guibo and at the front-detach lower
      access cover for torque converter bolts usually three
      that go around the flywheel then outside around
      bell-housing. Do not forget that there are trans
      cooler lines attaching w/ trans oil in them and the
      connection for shift mechanism somewhere on top-good
      luck and if Mr. Haygood had any sort of compassion he
      would lend direction rather than short buy this/buy
      that exerpts...I know of no other "pump" in an auto
      trans beside the torque converter-and Mr. Haygood
      knows too. Must be a salesperson.

      Good Luck, But you can do it fairly easily!
      John F. Forbey
      --- Brett Peavey <pv9@... <mailto:pv9%40yahoo.com> > wrote:

      > can the atf pump on my 87 535i be replaced? can it
      > be
      > cleaned and repaired? or do i need to replace the
      > whole transmission?
      > Brett Peavey
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