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4963Re: [bmw e28] On Board Computer Question!!

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  • Agent Midnight
    Jan 23, 2007
      Well there are two lights in the on board computer.
      You can rule out the Battery pack as they only use the cars power(disconect the car Bat. you loose all the memory in the OBC). I have had BOTH light bulbs go bad on a OBC in a older BMW I had. One is a back like for the butttons that is twist on bulb like in the Inst. cluster and the other is a more special bulb that is a slide that you pull out from the side of the OBC. I would get a flash and shine it on the LCD screen and see if you can see and words/numbers. Push the buttons to make things change if you see any thing then its the LCD back light bulb pack. If not then you have another problem.
      In any case, it is always good to check all your fuses, that could be it but if I remember right that fuse also controls a bunch of other things you would notice.

      Good luck,

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      From: Nicholas
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      Subject: [bmw e28] On Board Computer Question!!

      Good Day!
      The On Board Computer's light is on but I see no time, date, etc. I
      have a 1985 BMW 528e. Is the battery pack dead? Fuse? Any help would be
      great. Thanks!!


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