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4985Cold start problems below 15F/-10C

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  • deindieb
    Feb 5, 2007
      Hello All,

      I've been having some difficulty starting my 86 535i (usa) on
      particularly cold mornings. Cranks strong and steady, but doesn't
      catch. After the first time i went and replaced the plugs as they
      were a bit worn. My mechanic did a compression test and one of the
      cylinders (4 i think) was a bit low-around 50 lbs. Ran fine since.

      Above about 20F starts instantly and without hesitation.

      This morning it was about 10F/-12C and she took about 2 minutes of
      cranking to start. Then she ran rough and smoky for about 30 seconds
      and then was good as new. I know it isn't the battery as battery
      tests good and i jumped it once while trying to start it. Searching
      the archives in this group doesn't show much, other web searches
      suggest replacing the cold start valve.

      Anyone have an opinion/suggestion?

      New York
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