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4987Re: Cold start problems below 15F/-10C

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  • jforbey
    Feb 5, 2007
      Had the same problem on my 533i and I went back to the original plug
      number-started perfect. I was using Bosch Platinum single electrode
      plugs. I think I read something a long time ago about them not burning
      hot enough. They were what O'Reillys Auto Parts prescribed; but I
      think each original plug is resistance-tuned for each particular engine.
      Anyone have any answers?

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      > Hello All,
      > I've been having some difficulty starting my 86 535i (usa) on
      > particularly cold mornings. Cranks strong and steady, but doesn't
      > catch. After the first time i went and replaced the plugs as they
      > were a bit worn. My mechanic did a compression test and one of the
      > cylinders (4 i think) was a bit low-around 50 lbs. Ran fine since.
      > Above about 20F starts instantly and without hesitation.
      > This morning it was about 10F/-12C and she took about 2 minutes of
      > cranking to start. Then she ran rough and smoky for about 30 seconds
      > and then was good as new. I know it isn't the battery as battery
      > tests good and i jumped it once while trying to start it. Searching
      > the archives in this group doesn't show much, other web searches
      > suggest replacing the cold start valve.
      > Anyone have an opinion/suggestion?
      > Thanks,
      > Greg
      > New York

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